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The BBA Team

Meet the team behind Bentley Blockchain Association!

Our Team


Alex Kim

Founder and President

Alex is a rising third year undergraduate and graduate student at Bentley University studying Economics-Finance with a dual minor in Philosophy and Public Policy.  At the time he receives his undergraduate degree, Alex will also obtain his Masters in Finance.  He is currently closely working full-time with the internal team at Steady State, an automated smart contract based insurance system for decentralized finance (DeFi) as a Marketing Officer and Community Manager.  He has also advised multiple blockchain projects focused on DeFi, NFTs, blockchain based gaming, and a decentralized social media platform.  During his free time, he likes to eat (a lot), travel around the world, and listen to music.

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Jordan Soifer

Vice President

Jordan Soifer is a junior studying finance and philosophy and is a key player on the men’s varsity tennis team. Jordan understands that, at large, innovation in this space can allow businesses and governments to streamline inefficient processes and improve the overall structure of many companies and their systems. He is passionate about DeFi, athletics, philosophy, cooking, and Jay Shetty’s content. As a member of the executive team for Bentley Blockchain Association, Jordan is driven and excited to be a part of the blockchain wave that is soon to impact society in an incredible way.

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Taylor Egan

Senior Advisor

Taylor is a Senior at Bentley University majoring in Data Analytics with a secondary major in Global Perspectives, and minoring in Finance and Business Studies. Besides long walks on the beach, she's interested in politics and social justice, and she hopes to work in the field as a data analyst after graduation. At the request of Taylor, she chose her profile picture to represent the 'Equal Justice Initiative.'

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Artur Lysyuk

Chief Comptroller

Artur is a Junior at Bentley University studying Corporate Finance with a minor in Computer Information Systems. At the time he receives his undergraduate degree, Artur will also obtain his Masters in Finance through an Advanced Standing Program in Finance at his university. He has been interested in cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them ever since 2017 when Bitcoin rose to only about $20,000. At BBA, he is in the role of Chief Comptroller who takes care of the organisation’s finances and budget planning. Outside of classes and BBA, Artur loves to run and read for fun.

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Emily Burnham

Marketing Chair

Emily is a Junior at Bentley University studying Marketing with a Liberal Studies major on Quantitative Perspectives. Emily is new to the blockchain industry and is excited to learn more about it as BBA continues to grow! In addition to being the Marketing Chair of BBA, Emily is also the Vice President of Public Relations for Bentley Panhellenic Council, and a member of a multitude of organizations including Alpha Phi Zeta Rho, Fashion Association at Bentley, and Bentley Marketing Association. Upon completing her degree at Bentley, she wishes to pursue a career in market analysis in the fashion industry.

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Jackson Freedman

Senior Partner

Jack is a Senior at Bentley University studying Finance with a concentration in Personal Finance. This is followed by a Masters in Finance along with his certification in Financial Planning. Jack is also the Co-founder and Treasurer of Bentley Roudnet Club. He understands the limitless potential of blockchain technology and wishes to implement blockchain ideas at Bentley University. Jack successfully completed two wealth management internships while growing his own business. He strives to be an effective leader and expert networker.

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Jackson Travis

Freshman Liaison

Jackson is a freshman at Bentley University from Kennebuck, Maine. He is planning to major in Finance. During high school, Jackson has been incredibly involved with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. At times, he couldn't contain his excitement over the topic when discussing with his peers and teachers. Jackson hopes to use his social skills to introduce more freshman to BBA and help people understand what this new disruptive technology is about.

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Our Advisors


Monir Jalili

Professor of Management
Bentley University

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Sol Nasisi

Professor of Marketing
Bentley University

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